Truffle hunters

Stelios Vlatakis

Founding member

In two blood groups my body belongs, one called Crete and other Thessaloniki.

With a proper team organization, there is potential to find livelihoods our bearings in professional hunting for truffles.

Occupation Farmer - Truffle collector

Christos Apostolou

Founding member

Three things I like in life, the family, the rock band I have with my friends and truffle hunting with my dogs.

Occupation Farmer - Truffle collector, Artist

Aggeliki Melioumi

Founding member

There is no better turn in the road of life, than the one that leads to nature.

Occupation Merchant and truffle hunter

Diomides Tsiberlenios “Arta”

Founding member

If you knew the shepherds what lies beneath their feet, I'm sure it will sell all their live, and will replace with truffle dogs.

Occupation Lawyer

Kostas Sdrakas

Founding member

Occupation Finacial

Panagiotis Varipatis “Nimphaion”

Founding member

Occupation Truffle hunter

Vagelis Deliolanis “Menikio”

Truffle hunter-Member

As a cultivator of earth mushroom, unjust not to know the underground mushrooms.

Occupation Farmer

Vagelis “Beles”

Truffle hunter-Member

Bees and truffle matching, so i flirt now and then with truffle hunting.

Occupation Bee keeper

Maria “Crete”

Truffle hunter-Member

From the first moment I met truffle and dogs, i felt in love. Imagine already got my first truffle dog hunter. Where do i end up i dont know.

Occupation Artist painter

Peli Paschalidou

Truffle hunter-Member

My duties as a mother do not end, the few that I live with my Merlin, relax me.

Occupation Food technician